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The PSC scholarships are for outstanding young men and women who want to serve Singapore and Singaporeans, through a fulfilling and rewarding career in the Civil Service. PSC scholarships are awarded based on merit – the PSC does not have a cap on the number of scholarships awarded annually.

The wide range of PSC scholarships offer 3 main career paths – Public Administration, Professional Service and Uniformed Service.

Public Administration Professional Service Uniformed Service
Suitable for... Those who would like to keep your public service career options open by taking a generalist track. Those with a clear interest in a specific scheme of service within the Civil Service - Foreign, Legal or Teaching Service. Those with the passion to serve in either the Singapore Armed Forces or Singapore Police Force.
Start your career at... Any ministry, depending on the Civil Service's manpower needs and your skills and knowledge.
The respective agencies tied to your scholarship - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore Legal Service or Ministry of Education. The Singapore Armed Forces or Singapore Police Force.
You might be offered...
Any one of the three 'Open' scholarships - Overseas Merit Scholarship (Open), Local-Overseas Merit Scholarship (Open) or Singapore Government Scholarship (Open).

A scholarship which is 'Tied' to the Foreign, Legal or Teaching Service, or a 'Specialist' award.

Depending on your country of study, 'Tied' or 'Specialist' scholarship may take the form of the Overseas or Local-Overseas Merit Scholarship.

Either the Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Scholarship or the Singapore Police Force Overseas Scholarship.